Pre - Sale Building Inspection

Pre - Sale Building Report

Conversely having a professional Home Inspection done prior to putting your home on the market can prove valuable for Home Sellers.

Being prudent and organizing a home inspection you will have a better understanding of your home’s condition before putting up that ‘For Sale’ sign. This way, there is no hidden issues that the buyer will find with their own inspection. With a Pre-sale building report, you will be aware of any issues and can repair it. Ultimately making the selling process flow a whole lot easier.

Pre - Sale Building Report

Inspector Homes WA structural building inspection details in our report by physically checking to see all of the structural components of a house are performing as they were designed to by visually checking all of the structural components of the property.

The comprehensive building inspection report covers all the items listed in the structural inspection including the visual inspection of roof cover and flashings, ceiling lining, cabinets and worktops, ceramic tiling / grouting, fixtures and fittings, plastering, basic electrical (lights/power points working) and basic plumbing (taps, toilets / basins, water hammer noise etc.) and, moisture testing.


Australian Standard 4349.1

AS 4349.1 – 2007 Inspection of buildings Part 1: Pre-purchase inspections – Residential buildings details the minimum requirements that a pre-purchase building inspection report is required to conform with.

This standard also states that the inspector must be suitably qualified and experienced in order to provide advice to prospective interested parties who are purchasing a property.

The standard covers all freestanding, semi-detached, terrace and villa houses along with townhouse and multi-unit buildings.

The building on which the inspection is being undertaken will always be compared with a similar building commensurate with the era of construction, design, and use and in accordance with the accepted practices at the time of construction.
Inspector Homes WA in accordance with the Australian Building Code AS4349

Our knowledge and experience gained over years, allows us to accurately report on the condition of your intended purchase and in simple terms, explains what needs to be done.

This inspection consists of a visual assessment of all accessible areas of the home, to identify any building defects, including urgent maintenance.

The report is thorough, comprehensive, easy to read and includes detailed photos. It will prioritize any major building problems and maintenance issues, found in a building.

If you have a particular concern or query, please mention it when booking your Inspection. We will then instruct our Inspectors to specifically address this issue in their report.

Inspector Homes WA Pre- Sale Inspection includes:


including sky lights, chimney, vents, gutters downspouts, flashing, roof penetrations

House Interior

including ceiling, walls, floors, counters, doors, windows stairways, railings, doors and cabinets

House Exterior

including siding, trim, windows, doors, porch,
patio, deck, fascias, grading, surface drainage, landscape, walkways, patios, driveways

Structural Components

Foundation, framing, floor & wall structure, ceiling, roof


including ground fault circuit interrupters, interior components of service panels


including fixtures, faucets, drain, waste, vent systems, hot water heater and sump pump

Heating and Cooling (HVAC)

including installed heating and air conditioning equipment, vent systems

Attic & Crawlspace/Basement

including checking water penetration, insulation & ventilation
Our New Home Reports will help you identify:

Any building issues that will need to be addressed by a Registered Builder. Any part of the building that is incomplete, or not finished off properly or to your satisfaction.

Any work that is not up to standard, or does not comply with the Building Code of Australia.

The photos taken in these Reports, will help you easily identify anything that may be amiss which can then be rectified by your Builder, prior to handover.

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