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Need a detailed pre-purchase home inspection report but don’t want to spend a large sum of money? We will send our experienced industry-recognized expert to inspect the property. They will ensure the inspection is conducted correctly reporting on any problems and providing you with vital information about the condition of the property, fingers crossed, that shows the property is sound.

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Buying a house is a huge financial investment and can be very risky – without a home inspection, especially if you are being asked to sign a formal offer without Special Conditions. You should always make your offer to purchase conditional on a satisfactory building and timber pest inspection report.

The building inspection will cover all aspects of the property from external to internal visually checking all elements for signs of potential damage and health risks such as rising dampness, leaks, plumbing, insulation, cracks, mould, decay, tiling, drainage, and structural failings.

The building inspection is often completed with a pest/termite inspection and is referred to as a Combined Building and Pest Inspection.

Our condition reports are following Australian Standards 

Here’s how we prepare your condition report.

Building Inspection Report

While the property may have good curb appeal and you’ve been informed that it’s “structurally sound” – it’s important to get a second opinion from our experienced building inspectors. Freshly painted areas could be hiding rotting frames or flaws that will need expensive repairs.

To keep you protected, your inspector will be watching carefully for defects and homeowner cover-ups to determine the actual extent of the damage. They’ll bring all the tools of the trade, that is, ladders, powerful torches, and specialist devices to inspect visible and hidden areas. They will check the walls for dampness or leaks, and moisture, including termites.

The Timber Pest Inspection

All our timber pest inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4349.3 – 1998 Inspection of buildings, timber pest inspections.

The timber pest inspection includes the following

The Building Report​

Our reports are written in an easy-to-read and understandable format and prepared under current industry standards. We’ll draw special attention to areas of concern and point out hazards and defects that may need costly repairs. We’ll also provide photos and recommendations on the work required to rectify the issues.

Our reports included:

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The Results

Find any potential problems before they become big problems.

This means you can make your purchase decision with confidence, knowing the property has been thoroughly checked by experts.

Professional Inspections you can rely on

 We provide thorough checks that are above and beyond the norm.

The Roof Exterior

The Roof Exterior

Visual inspection of gutters and tiles looking for structural damage.

The Roof Void

The Roof Void

Look for insulation and timber/structural-related issues.

The Exterior

The Exterior

Look for holes, termite mounds, and moisture, and inspect landscaping or greenery near walls.

The Interior

The Interior

Check for moisture, mould, cracks, and timber pest evidence. Look for favoured pest habitats and workings.

The Subfloor

The Subfloor

Inspect visible subfloor areas for cracks, structural damage, rotting timber, and evidence of leaks.

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Buying a house is a significant financial decision, and without a home inspection, it can be risky, especially if you’re asked to sign a formal offer without Special Conditions. Always ensure your purchase offer is contingent upon a satisfactory building inspection report.

This inspection thoroughly examines all aspects of the property, identifying potential issues like rising damp, leaks, plumbing concerns, insulation problems, cracks, mold, decay, tiling issues, drainage problems, and structural flaws.

Often, the building inspection includes a pest/termite inspection, known as a Combined Building and Pest Inspection.

The building inspection report in Perth is completed out in accordance with AS4349. 1-2007.

Inspector Homes WA comply with WorkSafe Western Australia new safety regulations for roof space access

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