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Inspector Homes WA is a Perth based home inspection company which provides a full range of home inspection services covering the entire Metropolitan area.

We reckon our home inspection service is the best in Perth.

Inspector Homes WA building inspection reports are of a high consistent and professional standard.

Our fee is a small and wise investment compared to the price you are paying for the house. The informative building reports usually save our clients many times our fee

We deliver the Inspector Homes WA report within one working day of the inspection. Our home inspection condition reports are comprehensive and cover all areas of the house – including the roof, roof cavity, hot water system, walls, foundations, sub floor, rooms, floors, ceilings and finishes.

Whether you require a pre-purchase, pre-sale or a building stage report, you will have all the detail that comes from over 40 years in the construction, architecture and property valuation industry.

Kinds of reports people pay a fee to have completed before they sell or purchase a house:

Once these reports have been completed, the service provider will provide a written report for the client and receive payment for it. On request, our building inspections will coincide with our approved independent licensed pest control company.

With this report you will immediately be aware of the condition and also know if there are any serious construction faults which may have a negative impact on your potential purchase. A pre-purchase structural inspection and report is not the same as a pest inspection report as it deals with the safety and structure of a property whereas a pest report deals only with identifying pest threats.

Should you have a particular concern or query please mention it when booking your inspection. We will then instruct our inspectors to specifically address this issue in their report.

Inspection Lists

Roofing, Internal & External

Timber Floors

Roof Frame

Walls, Internal & External

Under Floor

Doors & Frames, Internal & External

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