Dilapidation Reports

Here at Inspector Homes WA we are also able to provide Dilapidation Reports

Detailing the condition of any property or buildings and associated structures on surrounding properties prior to any construction work taking place nearby.

All reports are a detailed room by room account of the property, identifying all/any existing damage within the structure.

Together with digital colour images (and video if preferred) the report can be used as proof or evidence of what condition the structure was in, prior to any construction commencing.

The Dilapidation Report does not constitute a building survey, and is only intended to record the condition of the building fabric and exposed finishes.

Architect Checking Insulation During House Construction
Contact our experienced inspectors for a detailed Dilapidation Reports.
It is an important safeguard against disputes for damage, caused by new construction works.
A Dilapidation Report is strongly recommended prior to any construction work taking place near your home, including
  • excavation, compaction, demolition, or any other building work
  • any civil work, such as roads, railways, drains, stormwater, infrastructure
  • subdivisions due to the high probability of excess ground movement, thereby creating movement within the structure.
It is also an important safeguard against either party (purchasing or selling) who are disputing the pre and post condition of the structure.
  • should also be done on surrounding buildings, roads, and fences
  • within an acceptable distance from the work
  • ensure the disputes are kept to a minimum and managed well, if any damage is caused by the new works
Thorough Inspection by Inspector Homes WA
We can arrange access with the adjoining property owners and even complete a door knocking service to ensure that all areas are well covered. A Dilapidation Report can also be performed on multi-unit complexes or similar residences for future planning for maintenance.

To enable confident budgeting for future work, the best way forward is to have a thorough Inspection by an Independent Inspector, who can put together a comprehensive report, listing the issues and the sequence of priority, to complete the work.

We can do all the groundwork for you. Our professional Building Inspector will handle all building issues, making it a smooth process for you and everyone else involved.
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